Casino Slots For Fun – Working Of Online Slots

Casino games have always been games of probability and luck. There are many traditional casino games which have been adapted to the online format and have become popular among online

ingeniously with a lot of imagination, creativity, and technical expertise. Since we have been harping on the fun aspect of online slots, it is worthwhile for any avid gamer to know how the slot

gaming enthusiasts. Slots/ Slot machines are one of the most favorite casino games, both in the traditional and the internet format as well. They come in different themes and are fun-filled

and exciting for both the newcomers as well as the seasoned casino-goers.There is a wide array of online casino slots with different themes and money denominations and have been designed

machines work Not many of us know how a slot works and hence tend to have some misconceptions and inhibitions about its operation. It is useful to understand a few used when playing online slots.

Random Number Generator

This is the basic concept involved in casino games such as slot machines and roulette, and many of the classic card games, rolling of dice, coin flipping etc., It involves the sequencing of numbers which cannot be foretold other than by a random chance. In computers, this involves having a component which creates random combinations of numbers in different series every time the gamer clicks on the slots spin button. The Random Number Generator is used by all the online casino houses and their software involves different algorithmic combinations which come up with different number series every time the gamer clicks on the spin button and these are never repeated. Therefore, the previous spin is hardly relevant to the subsequent spins. The result is different each time and based entirely on random chance. The RNG works on the idea that every algorithmic combination is never repeated and there is no memory of the same. It is completely objective and the only thing that determines the slot player’s win or loss is the decision to spin (or click button) at a particular time.

Video Slots

Video slots are games for entertainment where the players have fun while trying to earn money. They come in different themes and with a different number of pay-lines. There is a video screen which displays the virtual slot reels and the electronic number combination is determined by computer software rather than a mechanical generator as in the case of a traditional slot generator in land-based casinos.

The online video slots are automatic and the rewards are purely random and automatically transferred to the winner’s deposits. The very popular video slots are:

  • 3-reel slot machines

    They are suitable for newcomers and come up with different symbols based on their theme. They usually have jackpot features and bonus spins or free spins. They generally have one pay-line and take a maximum of 3 coins for each spin.
  • 5-reel slot machines

    They have more than one pay-line and have a more sophisticated format and are usually recommended for the experienced players. They have different themes and symbols vary as per the theme. The betting options are more in these slots and the results trickier and varying in nature. They have exciting payouts, bonus spins, progressive jackpots to lure gamers.

How does one choose the best video slot suitable for himself

Verify the credentials of the casino house before you venture into online betting. There are reviews available on the casino slots that have the best and efficient software. Check on the reliability of the pay-outs and authenticity of the rewards for the casino slots that you have chosen. It is necessary to verify whether they have proper gaming licenses and meet gaming certification standards.

Myth Busters on Slots

If you pay more money, you stand a better chance to win. No, not at all. An increase in the number of spins does not necessarily mean that the player will hit surely the jackpot.

Casinos can control the slots. They can make it spin fast or slow as per the player traffic. Wrong! The slots are purely random and run on computer algorithms and therefore winning is purely by chance. If a casino wishes to modify a slot

game it is done with the help of a software expert under the purview of a gaming commission representative.There are loose slots and tight slots. This is true because casino houses design some games to give lower payouts than the others.


If you frequently use the same slot, you stand a better chance of winning. No. It helps to remember that these games are purely based on random chance and hence winning does not depend on the number of game or hit the jackpot before.

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